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Protect special details...
I start by covering the eye paint with some painter's tape and cover the hair also.
I use some cotton balls and acetone and I carefully rubbed off the protective coating.   
Picture taken of horse in different color...
This next step depends on the paint that you use. I used a clear matte finish spray paint in case I missed a few spots with the acetone.  Also, for the base color(s) I used black textured spray paint for outdoor plastics and gold metallic spray paint for added artistic dimension. Then sealed with two coats Polyurethane clear spray..
The horse in the project was pink with gold brush, gold horseshoes, gold stars hair accessories, gold horse leg warmers and gold saddle.


A few horse pictures give me an idea what breed horse I want to custom.  I went with the Rocky Mountain Dapple.  Aren't they beautiful? 

Customed Horse

Oh and remember the before mentioned accessories that this horse came with? Gold horse shoes and leg warmers! I added some paint details to the Saddle, trim the mane and tail. Also, the textured paint made it feel like real horse fuzz!