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Queen Enfinite



PapaiKoko Le' Bean

Francine Le' Bean

Tamikoko Le' Bean

Tamikoko's pa-pp-y.  A handsome, charming, and capable father of Tamikoko.  At the end of his "I can Be"  career, he had built the planet New Baya and now retires with his Queen Francine on their continent near the apex of the planette.
Rock 'N Royals stage Queen Francine rock n it out with band sisters, Grace, Marigold and Nachia and keeping Tamikoko on her path and Papaikoko fed.  Whoa, a day in the life of a Queen!
Opens a Fashion Boutique with best friend, Kandace,  after they graduated "I can be" University; though she is qualified to perform other careers, she refuses to be distracted by a handsome Tech CEO!
Story Disclaimer:

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.  This is not a religious story and any resemblences to real places/personas living or dead are purely coincidental.


And Friends...

D'Sol Bean

A cluster of star-worlds that orbit close distances outside of the rings of planet Ma
Marigold Bean
Nachia Bean
Kajani Bean
Candace Bean
Budda Bean
Ken Bean
Barbie Bean
Tianya Bean
Naveen Bean
Elsa Bean
Holiday  Le' Bean
Verde' Bean
Pinto Bean
Kenya Bean
Bean Bean

The CEO of Sol-Bean Corp, that had come to New Baya for new clothes.  When he entered into the shop of Tamikoko and Candace, he find himself fallen in love with Tamikoko!  Wooing her is difficult as she seems to dismiss all of his best pick-up lines?

New Baya

A very lush and green vegetative "planette" that has in it's rings three other Moons (Ma, Earth, Luna). A landmass in the southern sea region of plane Ma.  It has triple mountain peaks, Mt. Sol-Bean (southwest), Mt. New Baya (southeast) and Mt. Mot'chiefa at the apex of the landmass.  New Baya City is the capital city, located south of Mt. New Baya. It has the next largest population to a popular beach city, New Mesa Naranja.   An enchanted rain forest covers the northern hemisphere of the landmass and it surrounds Mt. Mot'chiefa.  The fresh waters of the Elgin River spirals from the melting snow of Mt. Mot'cheifa, in four directions.  Mt. Mot'chiefa is the tallest of the peaks and was once a volcano... 

Tamicoco Phone Home

Video Disclaimer:

 All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.  This is not a religious film and any resemblences to real persons living or dead are purely coincidental.
Tamikoko returns home after receiving a phone call from her mother.  Tamikoko finds herself filling in for a missing band member of her mother's rock band.  In the middle of trying to help, Tamikoko find out that D'Sol, a prince she had met in her fashion boutique was also requested by her father for a visit.  But wait, so does that mean D'Sol has already met Tamikoko's parents? Does Tamikoko's parents know if they have already went on a date?  Looks like the next episode is going to get messy?!  CLICK FOR CURRENT STORY!
The official music video for the song performed in the 2016 QoE episode!
"Ooh, Thet, Thet"