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Malik's New Clothes

What Sew Funny, Mane!
I am wardrobe building for some new actor(s) in my collection.  Mattel's Broad Ken and the fresh squad models Malik, Anthony, and Daniel of Epi World.  I found out drafting human-size patterns also work for drafting for these dolls. So I was able to draft a stable pattern in less time. These dolls are so swag-a-licious!  They look great in their clothes.  However, styling for their written character(s) are another issue...

Wax Print Maxi Skirt

This was my first attempt to re-create a look I saw on the internet that I just had to try for the summer!  The model is wearing a floor length maxi skirt from what appears to be gatthered at the waist with a "flat" waistband and high split over the right thigh.  The halter is cute too, I will try to make that next! 
I found a Simplicity pattern at Joanne's, that reduced the time from drafting an entire new pattern.  I only had to draft a waistband pattern (because the orignal waistband got lost; later found behind the bed!).
Also, while reading the Simplicity pattern's finished measurements box, the skirt would not be floor length on me.  So in order for the skirt to reach the floor, I had to extend all the skirt pattern pieces at the knee line 8". 
I'd sewn all of the skirt pieces ecxept the one over the right thigh, then hem as usual from the instructions.

Little Vogue Pattern 9043
I used this Vogue pattern to make a "Doc Mcstuffins" jacket for little one.. I used model A in the picture.  The pattern is really a fully lined jacket/coat depending on fabric and model A stops at the hips.

Mama's Skinny Pants

Skinny pants, shopping for pants in general for a tallie such as myself was such a pain.  It seemed that I could never find my size (you know, sized accurately at the waist but beats my ankles when I sit) or the pants are long but baggy at the hips?  I could just wear dresses forever or I could just learn to draft and make my own pants of any style.  Thus, I show you Mama's comfortable skinny pants!